The Tesla Slow Ride to Mindfulness Relaxation and Meditation at 4K

In stressful times I seek out ways to relax and let my mind drift away. It might not be traditional meditation, but it works for me and it can work for you.

I best achieve this by flying an airplane, where my mind is continuously occupied with tasks and duties or just driving.

I discovered that the drives I was taking had a unique hypnotic relaxation quality if I captured them in 4K high-resolution videos and then slowed them down. With the addition of a soft and meditative, hypnotic music track, I find the driving videos just let me mindfully relax.

The cause of this might be road hypnotism or highway hypnosis. It is a real phenomenon and occurs when you enter a trance-like state while gazing at a fixed point. In this video, you will find the optimal fixation point in the center of the screen.

Your mind’s ability to relax with these driving videos is due to your brain becoming occupied with observing the calming video. At the same time, your other stream of consciousness is allowed to turn off.

While this particular video is not as long as I had hoped, you may find that you might drift off to sleep by allowing your mind to relax.

The video’s path is from Youngsville, NC, towards Louisburg, NC, with a stop at the Flat Rock Baptist Church cemetery in Louisburg.

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05:33 – Entering Youngsville, North Carolina downtown area.

11:59 Hill Ridge Farms is located on the left. It is a farm-themed park boasting animals, an 80-ft. slide & train rides, plus exhibits on old-timey life.

22:23 – Arrive at the cemetery.

The vehicle in this video is a Tesla Model 3. You can read more about the Tesla experience and self-driving electric vehicles here or if you place your order through a Tesla representative, give them this code STEVE89549

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