I always struggle with what to say about myself.

Let’s start with my life motto: If you do good things, good things happen.

I’ve tried to live my life that way. The overarching theme to all that I do is to help others with actionable results.

For example, as a dog rescue pilot, I fly kill shelter dogs to adoption and forever homes.

Steve Rhode - SteveRhode.com

As a public safety pilot I fly drones and an airplane for fire and police departments to help people in trouble.

As a consumer debt advisor I give people free help and advice to deal with difficult financial problems.

You get the idea.

From pilot, to debt expert, to journalist and more. My life is varied and difficult to put into one neat bucket.

The one location that probably has the most information about my life timeline is my LinkedIn profile.

If I can assist you, don’t be afraid to contact me using this form. I’m here to help.