How to Clean Your Tesla of Covid and Coronavirus for Delivery

Delivery day is fast approaching for our new Model 3 Tesla, and while the delivery may be contactless, you might still have some concerns about how to make sure your car is clean of coronavirus.

After all, when was someone in your car last, and did they leave a big sneeze behind that settled on your interior car surfaces.

So after much research, here is a process you can follow to be as safe as possible when you pickup your new Tesla at the dealer.

By the way, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has this excellent page. See Cleaning and Disinfection for Non-emergency Transport Vehicles.

Tesla Covid Cleaning Process


  • Disposable Gloves
  • N95 Mask
  • Disposable Gown
  • EPA Approved Surface Cleaner – Purell Surface Sanitizer or Equivalent
  • Two Large Plastic Trash Bags
  • 1 Roll of Paper Towels

You can purchase all these supplies online. Just do an Amazon search.


  1. Go to the car, open the door with a mask and gloves on. Take the paperwork from the car.
  2. Roll down all the windows and leave doors as open as possible.
  3. Your Tesla representative may have to observe you signing paperwork but Tesla says they can do that at a safe distance. Once signed, you can leave the paperwork for the Tesla representative to get. Walk away and let them come pick it up.
  4. Return to your amazing new car.
  5. Remove gloves you had on for signing. Put on the disposable gown, change gloves, get your surface sanitizer ready with your paper towels.
  6. Wear eye protection as well.
  7. Be sure to leave all the doors and windows open as you clean the car.
  8. Test a paper towel with some of the surface cleaner in a discrete area on each of your interior surface types to confirm you are comfortable the cleaner will not impact the surfaces.
  9. Once you are comfortable, wipe down the interior hard surfaces in the car. Pay close attention to locations that may have been touched. Places like the steering wheel, door handles, center console, dash, seats, etc.
  10. Purell says their surface sanitizer is safe for plastic, sealed wood, Laminate, upholstery, vinyl, stainless steel, glass, and fabrics. – Source
  11. We will wait 5-10 minutes for everything to dry. If there is any visual residue, we can wipe that off with a fresh paper towel.
  12. As you clean, toss all used paper towels into one large plastic trash bag. When you are completely done, safely remove your gown and gloves and carefully place them in the bag. Wrap the bag tightly and put the bag inside another plastic bag so the two openings are not aligned.
  13. Place the double-wrapped plastic bag in frunk and dispose of it in your trash.

Did This Help?

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