Clouds Above North Carolina

Clouds Above North Carolina

Flying Over Raleigh (4K UHD) 1 Hr+ Beautiful Calm Views and Relaxation.

Relax for over an hour and a half by playing this 4K video in the background to help you relax, sleep, or feel calm. This peaceful video has many beautiful views of lakes, clouds, and beautiful North Carolina. The flight’s long banking sections provide dramatic views and create visual delight for everyone from toddlers to grandparents. My 1-year-old granddaughter has flown with me in my arms as we’ve watched this video together. She enjoys the flights just like you will.

LOCATIONS: We start by departing the Raleigh-Durham International airport (KRDU) and head over Raleigh, towards Wake Forest, and then over Falls Lake to watch the boaters out on a beautiful sunny day. Next, we head up towards Oxford and then turn back into the clouds to enjoy the majesty of nature.

AIRPLANE: The airplane is a specially configured Cessna 182 with high-resolution video cameras mounted on the tail, wings, and inside. This tail video gives you the airplane POV on the flight. SOUND: The sound on this video is primarily a relaxing and calming musical track with a minimum amount of ambient airplane sound to place you in the cockpit with me.

CLOUDS: The cloud surfing begins latter in the video at 01:04:08

GOAL: The video will relax your eyes and your ears and make for a calming video to play and study, read, drift away, or get a bit of AMSR with its steady melody and quiet background ambiance from the airplane. ABOUT ME: You can learn about me at where you will find more videos, articles, podcasts, and information.

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