How to Clean Your Tesla of Covid and Coronavirus for Delivery

Delivery day is fast approaching for our new Model 3 Tesla, and while the delivery may be contactless, you might still have some concerns about how to make sure your car is clean of coronavirus. After all, when was someone in your car last, and did they leave a big sneeze behind that settled on…
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Will Capital One and Discover Work With Me to Settle My Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 2 charged-off accounts, and I want to call and try to pay towards debt but can only afford about 100 per month. Will they work with me.. Capital One and Discover Will, the creditors work with me. Hope Answer: Dear Hope, The answer is not what you would expect. Here…
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Should I Buy a Tesla Model 3? I Just Did and Here is Why.

I really hate parting with money for cars. Most new cars are just an asset worth significantly less when you drive them off the lot. Then they lose a lot of value every year. So much so that many owe more on their cars than they are worth. For many years, I’ve recommended to people…
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